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World-wide Rural and Cattle Tourism Congress In the city of San Luis.


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World-wide Braford Congress. In the city of Corrientes, Argentina

Tourism and Specialization In the city of Rosario, Santa Fe., Argentina

World-wide Braford Congress, in the city of Corrientes, Argentina

CATTLE BREEDING: 2nd. WORLD WIDE BRADFORD CONGRESS. Corrientes was world wide. International Braford Congress gathered more than thousand people, who received a lot
of technical, commercial and political information about meat business.

Hector A. Huergo. CORRIENTES. Special Correspondent.
We went to Corrientes to see what happened with Braford race locally and world widely. We came back with an integral vision of beef chain. Actually, the Second International Braford Congress was a huge quantity of information for all the levels of the activity: starting with the technical news in raising and fattening, and finishing with the market situation, going through quality tendencies and their relationship with nutrition. Lots of conferencies during a couple of days, with more than a thousand people who paid their tickets and fully crowded the Convention Room at the Litoral Casino. Among them, there were 70 Paraguayan, 50 Uruguayan, 50 Brazilian, 10 Australian and 2 South African people, many of whom had shared a pre-congress tour, visiting some of the most important ranches in the NEA (Argentine North East). Only National Authorities were missing.

One of the central moments was the presentation of the work made up by the Agricultural Engineer Fernando Canosa, Technical Director of the Congress, together with the Agricultural Engineer Valeria Schindler from the Agronomy College of Buenos Aires University and the Agricultural Engineer Sonia Chifflet from the Agrarian Science College of Argentine Catholic University. This work ( Evaluation of Braford models in the NEA and the NOA) was specially prepared for the congress, which is something unusual in this type of events. It was compared the productivity of quarter cattle round up, their crossbreed with Braford and Braford thorough bred in the north of Argentina, in similar production conditions. It was a fully country made work, and all the persons in charge of the farms, where the study was achieved, were also part of the presentation.

It was demonstrated that Braford cows have better productive efficiency than the regional ones, in similar shepherding conditions. And the use of Braford bulls on regional cows, doesn´t make any change on pregnancy.

Mr. Canosa said that Braford cow put up better with Winter conditions and service. She started service with better health conditions and finished it in the same way. Birthing weight of calves from Braford bulls are bigger than regional ones. And weaning weight from Braford calves are significantly different from the rest, which doesn´t happen among quarter ones. Mr. Canosa also said that Braford cows tend to wean more calves per cow, and generate a higher income related to invested capital.

After stating that different cattle roundup had the same grass offer during the service in both years, the technician said that Braford earning levels are higher than those of the regional breeds.

Income per pregnant cow per hectare are higher for Braford thorough bred roundup, then the middle blood come and underneath , the quarter ones. Braford cows tend to wean more calves per cow, and produce a higher income related to invested capital, although Mr. Canosa added that this data is not completed if it is not joined with the next Winter pasture study and the quality of their meat. And, in order not to leave half things, Braford also organised a Winter pasture work. (See Winter Pasture)

EAgricultural Engineer Daniel Musi, counsellor from the Argentine Braford Association, talked about the genetic evaluations in the production improvement of Braford race. The use
of DEPs (Progeny Expected Differences) are essential in the development of the race, but their implementation is delayed . Mr. Musi said that the generation of DEPs is a goal which is shared by all Braford Associations in the world. But DEPs are only useful when cattle breeders work together and he added that private DEPs mix up the market. According to Mr. Musi´s opinion, Mercosur Braford Federation is very close to DEPs. It is more likely the International Genetic evaluation than the national one, said the technician. “There is information, technology
and human resources to develop it. Only compromise and decision are missing” concluded
Mr. Musi.

At the end of the congress, Mr. Luis Otero Monsegur, from the Argentine Race Association, was designed president of the Braford World wide Confederation . A deference which rewards his work at the head of the race and the quality of the congress, that included a barbecue with chamame songs by well known Mrs. Ramona Galarza. It was also the group from Ara Bera. What else can we ask?

When closing the 2nd World wide Congress, Mr. Otero Monsegur left a clear and concise message: “ World wide Meat Market is demonstrating that it is still a good destiny. We´ve got organization and consent examples to follow with attention : the case of Australia, consolidating the meat sector and the case of Brazil integrating the chain. Argentina has got an opportunity in the meat production. Let´s take it". Let´s take it.

Tourism and Specialization, in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
(November 2005)

Pampa y Girasoles, the Tourism Government Office from the province of Santa Fe and the Cooperator Association from the Tourism Provincial Direction from Santa Fe, invited all the Official Touristic sector, professional and academic to take part in the First Iberoamerican Congress of Tourism and Specialization, and to the First Expotur from the province of Santa Fe, named “Close Tourism” which was made in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe, Argentine Republic, during the 15th , 16th and 17th of November 2005.
Starting with the definition that Tourism generates an economic activity but always comes from a social practice, the specialization is a clearly strategic goal , and it results into a touristic practice which is sustained and maintainable.
Tourism and Specialization 2005 simultaneously developed a lot of thematic unities which had
a complete vision of nowadays themes.
We thank for the support given to this summons by the Institutions, Offices, enterprises and different well known national and foreign people. We were very pleased to receive you in Rosario from 15th to 17th November.

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