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  Argentinean Meats II


9 am
Departure from the Hotel to INTA: Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (National Institute of Agriculture and Livestock Technology). Welcoming speech.

9. 30 am
Beginning of the activities. Introductory talk about the Institute, its activities, importance and way of working. Brief description of the agriculture and livestock activities in Argentina, during the past, present and future.
Tour through each laboratory and department: Genetics, Food, Rural Engineering, Climate, Pathobiology, Lands, Biotechnology, Veterinary Science, Experimental Dairy Farm, etc. Each of them will be described and specific orientation will be offered according to the interests of the tourists. INTA is one of the most important research centers in our country. Periodically, solutions to combat plagues, quality improvements and costs optimization are reached.

12.30/ 1 pm
Lunch (included drinks). Asado (barbecued meat) with all kind of salads, dessert and drinks will be served. The way in which our food is prepared, ingredients and traditions will be explained.

2.30/3 pm
We will continue our visit through the research centers and their facilities; we will observe tasks and innovations in this 700 Ha establishment. We may also find the field and research for the permanent development of our country as regards agriculture, cattle and healthy diet. Finally, before the return, a last meeting with professionals.

5 pm
Return to the hotel


8 am
Departure from the hotel. We will spend all day in a farm

10.30 am
Reception and welcoming toast with all kinds of homemade products. Meeting with the owners of the place. An introductory talk about the primary sector in Argentina focused on livestock, the circuit of meat, breeds, etc., will be given to the presents.

11 am
Visit to the field under production: cattle breeding and fattening. Calves and Heifers. Feedlot. Explanation of the activities, grazing, circuits, etc.

1 pm
Back in the farmhouse, lunch will be served. Asado (barbecued meat) with salads. Included drinks: wine, soda, water and juice. The dessert is included. Native dances show.

3 pm
Tour through a field under production, 1,500 Ha. Extensive raising of cattle for consumption and breeding. Pastures A, B, and C. Cattle for insemination. Hectares cultivated with Wheat and Soy. As a general interest visit we will go to the stables with champion horses; considered as the best ones in Argentina. Technical explanation on the activities of the place and tour through the farmhouse.

7 pm
Traditional tea with pastelitos (small cakes filled with quince jelly or yam), fritters, Welsh cakes, pasta frola (lattice cake with quince jelly filling), etc.
Return to Buenos Aires before the end of the day. The timetable may change according to the passenger’s interests: the main idea is to make them feel the real rural life.
Return to the Hotel.


8 am
Visit to the National Livestock Market, one of the most famous markets all over the World due to its way of working. At the beginning of the tour, you will learn about the history of the institution, the way it functions, etc. Then, while visiting the installments and footbridges, we will see more than 10,000 live animals and operators buying and selling them in a very particular way: shouting the prices, and trying to obtain the best livestock in incredible auctions that take place in the same place, just in front of us. An amazing market, full of tradition and, of course, the best meat.

10:30 am
Study of the internal phase of refrigeration. We will visit meat processing plants of the province of Buenos Aires. We will see how the cattle arrives from the Market, how they washed it in areas specially equipped with showers, the round- up before the hammer, the slaughter, and the cuts, the process of refrigeration and the finished and packed products ready to be consumed (packed in different meat cuts for export). During the visit, we will be accompanied by a technical responsible for the production and transactions inside the plant. In order to enter the plant, we will wear special clothes to respect the public health measures. These are white clothes specially requested by the SENASA that will be given together with written information about meat cuts in Argentina, their origin and allocation (official information given by the SAGPyA, an initialism for the Agriculture, Cattle, Fishing and Diet Department).

12.30 pm

2.30 pm
So as to finish the Argentinean Meats tour we will learn how meat is offered and sold to the biggest and related-to-the-product supermarkets. They started as small butcher’s shops and nowadays, they lead the market. They will tell us about their expansion process and the standards they use to select their bovine products, packing process and distribution to the final consumer.

6 pm
The tour ends with a meal cooked by a specialized chef who will prepare the best meat cuts served in different dishes and cooked with different recipes. Together with him, we will enjoy a small talk on Argentinean wines and how to blend them with food. There will be a wine testing of different stocks in accordance to the different dishes, and as a perfect close, we will hand in certificates for “Argentinean Meat and Wines Experts”.
End of our service.

  Duración: 3 days / 2 nights
  Observaciones: • INTA, laboratories, activities. • Lunch (included drinks and dessert) • Farm under production, activities • Welcoming meal • Lunch (included drinks and dessert) • Afternoon Snack • Livestock Market • Processing Meat Plants in the province of Buenos Aires • Lunch (included drinks and dessert) • Packaging and Marketing Company • Special Thematic Dinner with included drinks and dessert • Course: Introduction to the Argentinean Wines • Informative Material • Technical Coordinator • Related professionals such as agriculturists, vets and enologists • Bilingual guide
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